When did it* sneak up on us?

I was stood in our bathroom last week and noted our array of dental hygiene products. When we were first dating, nearly 21 years ago, you’d find one toothpaste and two toothbrushes. That’s it. Now, we have hers and hers toothpastes for different oral needs, medicated mouthwash, regular mouthwash, two types of toothbrushes (that’s each!), floss, floss harps, tooth picks… and it struck me that this is a sign of being *middle aged, isn’t it?

To be fair, if you get the film reference, you’re also old…

My brain definitely liked that and has since been in overdrive during my insomnia, gifting me a plethora of other ways in which we’re clearly ageing. I’m pretty sure this isn’t an exhaustive list but maybe documenting it will bore my brain into a new hobby? Some are unique to me, others are shared experiences with my wife.

  • We don’t want to go out after 4 o’clock for errands – very specifically because we don’t want to lose our space out the front. The car parking wars are real.
  • When we like a pair of shoes or item of clothing, we buy multiple in different colours or patterns. Job done.
  • I’m able to hear my skeleton when I get out of bed or get up from a chair or bend over to tie my laces. Like a percussion band with no rhythm.
  • We’re very happy (nay, delirious) when plans fall through and we get to stay home. Despite having stayed home pretty much since March 2020.
If Anna Kendrick says it’s ok…
  • I don’t recognise a lot of music in the charts (my wife doesn’t recognise any of it).
  • I like the idea of a lie-in but my bladder / back / to do list mean I never get to laze about.
  • We had an existential crisis when we realised the gap between 1980 and 2021 is the same as 1939 and 1980 (so we shared it with friends to ruin their brains, too).
  • Our zombie apocalypse plan now involves less running or fighting and more hiding and recruiting clever friends with useful skill sets.
  • Life admin used to mean organising social events, maybe doing the food shopping and chucking some washing on… Now it means booking some sort of medical or vet appointment, updating some kind of insurance policy or looking at pensions.
  • We like some foods which actively dislike us in return: I love onion but it gives me heartburn; I like corn on the cob but it exits my system in under an hour; we both like braised meat but it gets stuck in our teeth; my wife loves custard but her stomach rumbles like a pair of trainers in the washing machine on a fast spin.
Food regrets
  • I have to turn the radio or music down in the car so I can see better. Especially if it’s dark and raining.
  • We both agree that 9 o’clock in the evening is too late to start a movie.
  • Gaming now means I’m doing a crossword or convincing my wife to play a board game.
  • We always do the dishes before bed because neither of us can relax if there’s mess.
  • I need a specific configuration of pillows for bed or I will wake up temporarily broken.
This could be actual footage
  • I shamelessly wear Crocs and I’ve even left the house without changing them.
  • We used to have a single box of painkillers in the bathroom. Then we ended up with a toiletries bag of various meds. Then a shelf. Now, we have a whole cabinet dedicated to our various pharmaceutical needs and a second cabinet ringfenced for the dogs. Not to mention the fact that we have small stashes of our go-to needs (asthma, migraines, heartburn) in the car glovebox and every single handbag. Just in case.
  • We’ll pop to the garden centre for something to do. And we don’t even bring down the average age, anymore.

Seriously, we were these wee creatures just two minutes ago?!

2 thoughts on “When did it* sneak up on us?

  1. brilliant! But spare a thought for me….I am your Aunty and if my Niece feels old 😦 I could add to your list but I don’t know if it’s age related or I’m just down right unsociable?! 😉

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  2. Loved and laughed till I had to make a swift .. when I say swift, I mean hobble. To the bathroom . I so recognised me , the me of 20 years ago actually 😳

    Liked by 1 person

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